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Suzanne Agarwal

Yesterday, I measured out 64 ounces of water and poured it into a pitcher. I prefer to drink water that is at room temperature so I left the pitcher full of water on the counter with a glass next to it. In order to know how many ounces are in my usual kitchen glasses, I measured how much water the glasses hold up to the level where I normally fill the glass. By the end of the day, drinking at my customary pace, I had quaffed most of the water with about 10 ounces left. I drank the remainder of the water. Not necessarily a good idea right before one goes to sleep, but I thought that I should get started on drinking at least the recommended amount of water per day. My children were interested in what I was doing, so I am hoping this will increase their awareness about the vital importance of drinking water, too.


Absolutely your right. We should be watchful to what we are eating and drinking. Thanks for info.

Suzanne Agarwal

Your comment is encouraging. Increased awareness of what we are eating and drinking can help us lead healthier lives by highlighting where we need to make changes. Please let me know if you have any particular area of interest. Thanks!

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